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Three Questions Every Pregnant Woman Should Ask

By Dr. Shavonne Ramsey-Coleman

Pregnancy is a beautiful, exciting time in the lives of women, couples and their extended families.  Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful time as learning of new information can feel overwhelming.  It is important to move through pregnancy with confidence.  

In the first trimester, there are many things that are important to know.  As a practicing OB/GYN hospitalist providing emergency/coverage services here are a few things I believe are some essential questions that will help a woman, her family and loved ones feel confident as they navigate through a pregnancy.  

Who will deliver my baby?

Doctors have lives, children and are increasingly working to have a work/life balance.  Many times they participate in call coverage agreements with coworkers, other groups.  This is important information for patient’s to be aware of and decide if it acceptable to them.  

Will the provider/hospital support my birth plan? 

Every woman has a vision of how their birth of their child will go.  However, the birth process is extremely individualized and often times variable.  For example, if you desire a water birth, you need to know that is possible at the place you plan to deliver. Ask early to determine the best facility and team for your desired process.

What resources does the provider recommend as a trusted source? 

It is easy for patients to obtain information off of “Doctor Google,” and other online resources for parents.  However, patients should ask their provider, for recommended resources, documentation and access to verified and factual information.  The March of Dimes is an example of excellent, research based, advice and information for mothers as they navigate the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is going to be unique for every individual. It is best to go into it with the right questions in mind.  That way you will be prepared, knowledgeable and ready to tackle anything that you might encounter before, during and after you give birth.



Dr. Shavonne Ramsey-Coleman is an experienced Medical Director & OBGYN Practitioner with 10+ years of continuous success within Obstetrics and Gynecology, demonstrating leadership within multiple healthcare systems and hospitals. As a collaborative senior operational leader, she is adept at forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with patients, colleagues and leadership, including the CEO, CNO, Directors and key stakeholders. She is a patient safety advocate, demonstrating expertise in a medical-surgical setting, servicing underserved populations without reservation and setting the standard for top-quality care. When outside of the hospital, Dr. Ramsey-Coleman enjoys spending time with her family in South Florida.



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